2008 National Worship Conference

Welcome to Order & Chaos, the 2008 National Worship Conference sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) and the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC). Fast becoming a tradition of partnership!

Order and Chaos may well describe the way many of us involved in the planning and executing of liturgies in the church feel about the whole endeavour. We are always working within an ‘order’ but it sure seems chaotic at times! Or it lacks some chaos and we beg our parishes for more “get up and go.” The two terms – ‘order’ and ‘chaos’ also imply the constant dichotomy in which we live: the tension between the age-old and time-honoured liturgies of the church, properly done (of course!) and the delightful and necessary (and sometimes downright frightening!) creativity and innovation which true liturgical design and planning demand! What a wonderful place in which to find ourselves! This is a chance to discover order in chaos and the chaos of the human spirit tuning to the Divine.

So, welcome to our Conference! Through expert, world-renowned guests and workshops that are more an excursion than “stuck-in-a-room” presentations, wondrous buildings and liturgical spaces, and two magnificent and distinctive cities, this conference will be stimulating, informative, helpful, and fun! We’re delighted that you are interested and hope that you will join us.

Its welcome, Spirit, learning, adventure, and it’s time to all say together: Bonjour Québec!


  1. Michael Hackbusch said,

    Can the lectures be provided as downloadable ‘pod-casts’? Please. Wish I were with you all but alas, new job, different working schedule (I have most of my weekends) but less holiday 😦 Still, I am very enthusiastic about Worship and the Conference and would very much like to see/hear as much as I can from here.

    Keep up what looks to be great work.

  2. The Rev. Paul N. Johnson said,

    Dear Michael,

    Thanks for your question; I’ll see what I can find out. Karen’s sessions have made great use of film and slides, but we’ll look into what might be possible.

    Stay tuned for ongoing news here.



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