July 7, 2008

The Maroon Bus Riders

Posted in Highlights at 9:10 am by elcic2

The following is a collection of comments on the 2008 Worship Convention from some of the individuals who were riding on the maroon bus from Quebec City.

  • As an Anglican, I am grateful for the ways in which our full-communion relationship inspires, challenges, and moves me.
  • Great place to have a conference!
  • Karen Ward is open yet introverted, quiet yet validating, a teacher but mostly an encourager. Bless her!
  • I have learned to clothe the gospel in many colors, many styles and shapes, and most of all, to set the gospel free. Thank you, Order and Chaos team! – Randall
  • There were several profound moments for me. Two in particular stand out: Karen Ward’s assertion that, whatever the idiom, ministry needs to be “whole-hearted” and authentic, and Gordon Lathrop’s assertion that “Christ is the sacrament.” I think I feel that everything else can build on that! – Karen J.
  • A comment was made during Karen’s first plenary session in the Q&A section: “We have to consider, what is worship?” Without a good biblical understanding of what God desires in our worship, is it possible our litugy becomes too focused on “our” performance of it? – Jay D.
  • It is helpful to have gained a much more useful understanding of the “postmodern” definition and the connection with the emerging church.
  • Useful to experience the contrast in styles of the two main presenters and yet the strength of their similar bases of faith.
  • Poignant and pertinent fresh images and metaphors of the elements of worship.
  • I appreciated the two speakers. Quite different but their material and delivery complement on another. Good ideas to take home.

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