July 1, 2008

Using Worship to Reach Out

Posted in Highlights at 11:14 am by elcic2

The National Worship Conference has given me a foundation that I believe will help unify the sometimes differing opinions of people on our worship committee, and indeed in the congregation, but that will also allow the flexibility that allows us to reach out to other people. We are on a journey in the Liturgical Movement which places us today in a time of contextulization. We have some general principles for liturgical revision: Liturgy needs to be transcultural, contextual, cross-cultural, and counter-cultural. And we have an expanded but clear definition of LIturgy: A public work, voluntarily undertaken by the ekklesia, for the common good of all the cosmos. All that and more in a wonderful setting. I am already looking forward to Vancouver in 2010 (in the summer).

– posted by Lindsay Hognestad, Trinity Lutheran, Regina

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