June 27, 2008

What a Wonderful Day!

Posted in Highlights at 9:07 am by elcic2

What a wonderful day! In addition to the joy of connecting and reconnecting with sisters and brothers in Christ, my highlight today has been our keynote addresses by Gordon Lathrop and Karen Ward. Together they have so thoughtfully opened up the theme and invited us into reflection and conversation about worship. Looking through such lenses as art, literature, theology, past and present culture, electronic media, and lived experience, they have given us perspective on where we have been – and where we are today – in our liturgical understandings and practices.

Karen reminded us today that we see signs all around us that people are spiritually hungry, yet one of the last places that many of them expect spiritual encounter is the Christian church. Gordon spoke to the heart of worship: in the meal and bath, word and prayer, Jesus Christ is with us! We who assemble in the presence of the risen Christ know this is a place of life! How does/can this truth come to those who are searching for profound experience? This and so much more to consider . . .

– posted by Carolyn Speakman

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